Honda CBR300F

Honda CBR300F ABS : LAMS Approved : With ABS Brakes


The bike is proof that fun comes in all sizes. This bike delivers a giant dose of it – way out of proportion to its engine size. Whether this is your first bike or you have a garage full of them, the CBR300R is a blast to ride. Its single-cylinder engine provides a wide torque spread that performs well in-town or on the freeway, and offers excellent fuel efficiency. Plus, its narrow single-cylinder engine makes it easier to sit on the bike and get your feet on the ground at stops. But the CBR300R really comes alive on twisty roads, where its light weight and nimble handling chew up the curves.

Seat height: 780mm
Top speed: 175 km/h
Engine Type: 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Suspension: Front 37mm fork; 118mm travel/ Rear single shock with 5 position spring preload adjustability; 103mm travel
Wheelbase: 1,380mm
Power: peak power of 30.5 HP / 22.7 kW