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BMW1200GS2018AU$ 420AU$ 250AU$ 220AU$ 220AU$ 220AU$ 220AU$ 210AU$ 170AU$ 140AU$ 2500AU$ 4500
BMW F800GS2018AU$ 400AU$ 235AU$ 170AU$ 170AU$ 170AU$ 170AU$ 120AU$ 110AU$ 111AU$ 2500AU$ 2500

Start Your Journey: Rent a BMW Motorbike in Sydney

Motorbike tours are a fantastic way to see the countryside around Sydney. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or something a little longer, New South Wales provides plenty of beautiful trips. If you’re visiting Sydney and want to explore a bit, renting from 2 Wheel Adventures is an easy way to make the most of your vacation.

Rent a BMW Motorbike for a Sydney Tour

Few other activities come with the same level of freedom and excitement as a self-guided motorbike
tour. We’ve mapped out a few of the best trips for you and, depending on what kind of experience
you want, there many options from easy to more advanced.

● The Bells Line of Road trip is a mostly smooth ride suitable for people of all skill levels
● For a classic motorbike trip, try the Old Pacific Highway
● Putty Road offers a challenging series of curves and is a fun ride for those who want something more demanding.

2 Wheel Adventures Makes It Easy to Rent a BMW Motorbike

When you rent a BMW motorbike in Sydney from 2 Wheel Adventures, our goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you.

● We’ll deliver motorbike rentals right to you, whether at home or a hotel
● Self-guided tours come with well-researched recommendations for stops and sights along the way
● Our team is on hand to support you throughout the whole rental experience.

With reliable support and an extensive collection of motorcycles, including the BMW 1200GS and BMW F800GS, there’s no better way to rent bikes in Sydney. Contact 2 Wheel Adventures today to learn more and book your first rental.