Self Guided Tours

Please note that there is only a brief description of the tours, once you have made a booking we will provide you with a detailed itinerary. We are happy to price up accommodation for you too. We usually work on 3stars and above ratings (location permitting). Please note that we have used Seven Hills as our home base for total distance estimates. Go ahead, start your bucket list…!

Four Ways that Self Guided Motorcycle Day Trips and Tours Can Help You See Sydney Like Never Before

Self Guided Motorcycle Tours in Sydney Put the Power in Your Hands

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you won’t feel at home when you travel unless you’re on the back of one. Missing your motorbike can make touring trips in Sydney a wistful experience, so why not rent one and go on a self guided motorcycle tour instead? Self guided motorcycle tours in Sydney are an excellent way to see everything this incredible city offers while riding in the style you’ve come to enjoy and expect. At 2 Wheel Adventures, we’ll help you take motorcycle day trips through Sydney by letting you rent one of our premium cycles to set out to explore the city yourself.

The Benefits of Our Motorcycle Touring Trips in Sydney

When you enjoy one of our self guided tours, you’ll gain the following advantages over conventional forms of tourism:
● No waiting for the tour group to shuffle back onto the bus. Move at your own pace and avoid delays! See as much as you want, as fast as you want (as long as you obey the speed limit!)
● See only the parts of Sydney that you want to see. Don’t waste your precious time standing around at so-called “attractions” that don’t interest you. Go straight to the parts of the city that you’ve always wanted to see and create a tourism experience just for you.
● Experience the thrills of riding a high-end motorcycle through a brand-new environment. Be the envy of locals and other tourists alike as you cruise through the streets on the back of a premium sport bike. You’ve never experienced a vacation in style like this.

When you choose to rent a motorcycle from us, you’ll be able to enjoy Sydney’s sights, sounds, and speeds the way you want. We’ve been renting quality bikes to interested parties throughout our storied history as a business, and our clients look forward to seeing Sydney our way. We also provide detailed itineraries to clients once they have booked with us so that you’ll have recommendations to keep you satisfied for the duration of your trip.

Related Services We Offer at 2 Wheel Adventures

In addition to motorcycle touring trips in Sydney, we provide the following services:

● New gear sales, so that you can acquire permanent pieces for your collection of biker gear even while you’re on vacation.
● Helping you connect with accommodations for an upcoming trip. Find a quality hotel for your stay when you trust our staff.
● Easy online booking, supported by our incredible customer service team. We’ll make sure you’re all set for your trip well in advance of the date.

Enjoy a unique way to sightsee in Sydney when you book a self-guided motorcycle tour with 2 Wheel Adventures. Contact us today, and let one of our friendly team members tell you more about
everything we can do for you.