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1) Who is 2Wheeladventures and Bikeroundoz?

2Wheeladventures have a long standing partnership with BikeRoundOz.  Together we provide our customers the opportunity to create amazing memories across their Australian adventures.  Depending on your needs, we offer both self-guided and guided tours.  In both instances you have the opportunity to select a motorcycle of your choice (pending availability) and we take care of your accommodations and logistics.  This leaves you with a hassle-free holiday and focuses your energy on enjoying the beautiful scenery that the Australian landscape can offer you.

2) What motorcycles are available for rent?

We have a wide range of motorcycles available for rent from leaner motorcycles to high end touring and adventure models.


Motorcycle rentals ranges from the latest models BMW1300GS, BMW1250RT, BMW1250GS, BMW1200GS, BMWF850GS, BMWF800GS, BMWF750GS, BMWF700GS

Harley Davidson

Ultra Limited 114, Street Glide, Road Glide Special 114, Street Bob 114, Heritage Classic 114


DK+L650 V-Strom, DR650-Broz Edition


XVS+60 V-Star


Tiger Sport 660


CMX500 Rebel

Honda CB125E

In some cases, we usually have ‘oldies but goodies’ motorcycles available such as BMWF700GS, BMWF800GS and BMW1200GS.  They are available for rent at a reduced price.  We take meticulous care of our motorcycles and they still very much loved and is serviced by our own technical expert.

3) Where can I collect and drop my rental from?

The main motorcycle rental pickup locations are Sydney and Melbourne but other locations can be arranged such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Cairns and Perth.  If you are planning to return the motorcycle to a different depo than where you collected it from, we can arrange that for you no worries but there will be a relocation fee applicable.  Please ensure you let us know so that we can provide you with an cost estimate ahead of time.

4) Security bonds, excess and pre-auth explained

We get it, sometimes bonds and excesses can be confusing matters.  It is however something that has to be covered, similar to any vehicle rental arrangement.

Below are some simplistic terms that hopefully explains how these financial arrangements work, please let us know if you have any more questions!


A security bond is a set amount of money that is ‘held as security’ for the duration of your bike rental.  It ensures that we are able to cover any cost of damages while you are renting the motorcycle.  It covers the bike, equipment losses, emergency repairs etc. 

We list the security bond amount for each bike on the pricing page.  It varies per bike as the value of each bike is different.  If your rental is fewer than 21 days (excluding one way relocations) your security deposits is processed as a ‘pre-authorisation’ against a credit card (more information about this is available below).

If the rental period is 21 days or more then the security bond is processed as a transaction on a credit card and refunded upon safe return of the undamaged bike.

Your security bond will automatically expire or be refunded once the bike is returned but please bear in mind we have no control over how long the funds take to reach your account. It can sometimes take a number of days and this is determined by your bank, not ours.

The security bond is applied ‘per incident’ so if an accident does occur but you wish to continue on with the motorcycle, an additional security bond of the same amount as the original will be processed before you can proceed.


Each motorcycle is covered by insurance. The amount and details can be found on the relevant rental page and more details about the insurance aspect can be found in the Terms and Conditions of rental. One term you will hear in regard to insurance is the ‘insurance excess’ amount, which will vary depending on the motorcycle you are hiring and any additional extras you may have purchased.

Insurance excess is the pre-set upper limit of your liability (so the most you would ever have to pay) to cover costs in the event of an accident or damage to the motorcycle. If costs exceed the insurance excess amount, then the insurance policy will cover any remaining amount.

As an example: You drop the motorbike in a carpark causing $100 damage to a mirror. $100 is all you will be charged for the repair. However, if you drop the motorbike in a carpark and somehow manage to cause $6,000 worth of damage and the excess amount on the bike is $5,000, you would be liable to pay the $5,000 and the insurance would pay the remaining amount.

There are options available to reduce the amount you are liable for by reducing the insurance excess, details and costs can be found on the relevant motorbike rental section or during the booking process.


A pre-authorisation (also referred to as a ‘pre-auth’) is a temporary hold on a set amount of money on your credit card that lasts until the ‘post-authorisation’ comes through, in this case it would be the bike being returned undamaged.

Whilst the pre-authorisation doesn’t actually remove funds from your account / credit card it does ‘reserve’ them, meaning your spending or credit limit would be reduced by the relevant amount.

5) Planning an off road adventure or long trip?

We require notification before your rental if you plan to do any gravel or off road sections on the motorcycle.  Dirt on the motorcycle rental is usually hard to remove, especially if you have rented the motorcycle on a long trip in Australia.  You can clean the bike before returning for which there will be no charge but if you return the bike and it needs a deep clean, then an additional $200 cleaning fee will be charged.

If  you plan to do an excess of 8000km’s (yes Australia is a big place!), in a single trip, then we will require to service the motorcycle and we will charge $295 to cover maintenance.

You may need a service somewhere along the way and you must agree to have this done if required or if we request it be performed. You may need to accept that you cannot use the bike for the day of the servicing. Any service needed will be at our cost and we will arrange this for you. It may include the replacement of tyres that are fully worn. We will agree upfront with you the condition of the tyre/s before you leave our collection depot. You will need to contact us at least a week before any service and tyre replacement works are required or we may not be able to arrange the work for your preferred day. If you are renting a motorcycle on a 61-90 day fixed price agreement, then you are responsible for all servicing, tyres & consumables.

6) What about tolls?

Note that tolls are not included in your rental. All our motorcycles are registered so that tolls incurred by you when using any Australian toll road will be recorded and billed to you directly by BikeRoundOz.

If you use a toll road, the amounts payable by you will include:

(a) the applicable toll(s) incurred during the rental (which varies from toll road to toll road); and
(b) a service fee of AU$1.50 for each recorded toll

You will be sent an e-mail with the informaton about the tolls you are being charged for. Please note: Depending on the toll road used, charges may take up to 1 month to appear. If you do not travel on any toll roads – no charges will be incurred.

7) What luggage options are available?

We have a wide range of panniers and top-boxes that suit all the models or rental motorcycles we have.  Your bike rental will be fitted with a set of hard side panniers as standard.  If you have any specific need please let us know.

8) What tyres are on the rental bikes?

All our bikes are fitted with 80/20 tyres.  These are suited to both a mixture or road and trials.  You can upgrade to 50/50 at an additional fee.

9) How does Accident Replacement Motorcycles work?

If your motorbike or scooter has been involved in an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled by law to receive a replacement bike at no cost to yourself for the duration of repairs or while you are waiting for a total loss pay out.

We have a wide variety of motorcycles available for rent that will get you back on the road in no time.  We understand that the process can be very stressful, let us help you and make the process hassle-free to you.  We will guide you through the process step-by-step.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we answer you in person (not a robot) and we take care to help you.

You are welcome to prefill your details on our website.  See the link below: